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ok, so i got up this morning and thought i might get some things done around the house...  famous last thoughts.  my mistake?  opening my laptop and seeing what new stuff has been pinned on pinterest (check out my 'pins' here).  have you heard of pinterest?  it is a website which allows you to 'pin' photos from anywhere on the web so that you can remember it and refer back to it with ease.  what they don't warn you about is how ADDICTIVE it is.  pretty soon they will need a pinterest anonymous group.  it is now 10:00a and i have successful accomplished the following:  watched the last two episodes of 'the office,' eaten a much too large piece of the best coffee cake ever (no seriously, that is what it is called), and spent an hour on pinning lovely things on my pinterest boards.

hmmmm... i have now broken away for a little while.  my goal today (now that i am setting my laptop down and being product, that is)?  clean, straighten, rearrange, simplify our office/computer room/library.  seems as the summer has progressed, the last thing anyone wanted to do was file, straighten, put away anything in here.  but with school around the corner, it is time.  and it is driving me CRAZY.  so onward and upward.  i am turning on the music (loud), getting out my cleaning supplies, and prepared to spend this 90+degree day in here:

stuff piled up every where... ugh
lovely bookshelves that my husband built for me.. all disorganized and a mess!
 goodness, i better get to work. 'after' pictures tomorrow... or monday depending on how long this project takes.

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