road trip to west point

yesterday my husband and i set off on a road trip to visit our son at west point for his ring weekend.  it's a big deal for the cadets.  they order their rings back in the spring and then wait until this weekend to receive them.  and in addition, 25 years ago, my sweet husband (fiance then) received his ring.  now, it is our son's turn.  yay!  but we decided to stop on our 10 hour trip and spend the night somewhere on the way.  here is how the last two days have gone...

first we stopped by the yuengling & sons brewery. 
my son-in-law really likes this beer.
so, we stopped by pottsville, pa
(at 9:30pm, in the dark, on an interesting street)
just to be able to tell him that we were here.

it is the oldest brewery in the united states. learn something new every day!
we spent the night at a very nice b&b in macungie, pa called the stone house inn.
it is also a spa with massages, and more...
but, we had a ring ceremony to get to in ny.
pennsylvania has so many of these lovely stone homes.  here are 2 more
we passed on our morning walk. 
made it to west point and went to meet our son.  here is the 'beat navy tunnel.'
a quick shot of us together before he went to change uniforms and march
down to 'trophy point' for the ceremony.
that's our boy with the smirk on his face.
and his good buddy, jimmy, behind him.
the 'firsties' (aka seniors) marching in for the ceremony.  that's a lot of
exceptional young men and women preparing to serve our country.
and the rings.  a proud father and son.
then the wind and rain came in fast and everyone ran for cover.  tomorrow is the dinner and dance.  that will be fun!  i even got a new dress :-)

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  1. Oh Julie! What a special trip! Congrats to your son and your family....what a great guy :)