ring weekend: part 2

saturday we were able to spend the day with our son and sightsee around west point.  we visited fort putnam which is at a high point inside the post.  it was interesting and had beautiful views of the hudson river as well as usma (united states military academy).

view from fort putnam, atop west point
later in the day tone and a bunch of his friends got together for pictures with their new rings. what a great group of guys!

my 'boy' is on the right on the front row. 
here we are together as well before the formal dinner.

me and two of my favorite guys. 

and they have a life size ring which you can have your pictures taken in front of.  when my husband went to there, we had our picture taken in front of it, so i thought it was great chance to do that again... those pics had to be ordered from the official photographer, but here is a picture of the ring.

that's one big ring!
after the dinner, my sweetie & i headed to the middle of pennsylvania to stay in another bed and breakfast.  this one is the pump house bed & breakfast and is in bloomsburg, pa.  it was a very neat place with a lot of history. they are just finishing up updating the rooms.  here is where we stayed.  i would definitely recommend it.  there is also a lovely river running right behind the houses.

we stayed downstairs in this house at the pump house b & b.
and now, we are back home.  it was a great trip... but it is always nice to be back in your own bed.

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