new year, new things to do

i have been missing in action on my blog, but, now, it is a new year and i am determined to update and stay connected.  really.  i am.  when a year ends, it seems we always think about the past year and then make new exciting plans for the next.  i am no different.  2010 was an exciting year for our family as our daughter married her sweetheart from high school in July and lots of family and friends were able to join us in the celebration.

our son was home for a lot of the summer and was able to get his sky diving license!  He jumped 25+ times just in june & july!  we went to watch one day and it was lots of fun.  he also was able to jump some more near school in the fall.  he loves it.  he likes surfing as well and we were able to visit him in september for an army football game & surfing on long island.  we had a great time.

in november we went to see our son and stay for 10 days after he had a motorcycle accident.  he finished his semester with excellent grades even while dealing with the pain of his arm and hand.  he came home for christmas and it was great having him here!

we went to virginia to visit our families and went to our 'traditional' japanese restaurant dinner with my side of the bunch.  we take up 2 grill areas. the adults sit on one side, and the kids sit on the other... funny thing is... the 'kids' are really not so much kids anymore.  my youngest, eli, is the youngest grandchild, and he is 17 now... soooo, i guess the adults sit on one side and the young adults sit on the other side. only one grandchild was missing. (missed ya, lauren!) here are the good-lookin' young adults:

we came home and had 3 days before christmas, soooo, both my sons and one girlfriend jumped in the car after calling the christmas tree farm to see if they were open. 'well, we closed on sunday. but, some other folks called today, too.  my husband will be outside if you come within the hour."  it was go time.  we found a beautiful tree (that ended up only getting half decorated. sort of. let's not go there.)

my husband's sister and her two kids came to visit for new year's.  we had fun together and watched 'despicable me' as the new year rang in.  it was abnormally warm in ohio that week, and we even had the windows open!  we heard the fireworks go off and realized it was 2011.  i forgot to even drink the sparkling apple juice.  crazy me.  we are the last of the big partiers (is that a word?).

and my latest accomplishment was completing the baby quilt for our friends.  their son was born on december 31st.  i finished the quilt on january 4th!  we will probably give it to them this weekend.  it turned out nicely.

so, i sat down last night and made a list of the wonderful, crafty, colorful things i would like to make during this year of 2011.  here is my list:

another baby quilt (for another friend)
a twin quilt (or two)
some cute aprons
a carry bag (preferably with a lesson from sew to speak)
several floorcloths 
something crafty with felt

that is what i have for now.  it is subject to change on any given whim. since our friends baby is due in february (late, i hope) then this will definitely be one of the first projects i start.  good news is.... i already have the fabric ready to go!

happy new year!  

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  1. Hey Julie! Love the quilt!!! YOu did a great job and I know it will be much loved. So glad everything is okay with you and your family. I was getting a bit worried since your last - but I am so happy you are back and your son is doing well. YAY! Hope to see you soon! mary