organizing and a gratitude wrap

i really like magazines.  i just do.  i like to see all the different ways to decorate, the many different meals i could be fixing, and ideas of things to make and/or do.  i used to get more magazines... but now i only get one or two.  i would look through them quickly, then look through them a little slower.  eventually they end up in a pile (or two) for me to go through later.  so, this week i have been going through my pile(s).  cutting out just the most interesting things or projects i might, really, someday try out. 

i have found a lot of interesting things.  books i had marked to read.  beautiful flowers i would like to plant this year.  a variety of vegetables to plant in the garden.  crafts to make.  and recipes that sound delicious!  ah, the possibilities! 

also this week, i found and completed a small sewing project... a gratitude wrap.  i found free directions at soulemama's blog.  she has other tutorials for recipes, knitting, sewing, and more.  her blog is great.  and it helped me start off with my first small project!  it turned out really cute!

and.... my books came!  i love each one!  they all have so many things i want to try my hand at.  (ignore my improper english grammar...  i am just typing as i would say it... so obviously my spoken language isn't too much better.)  i especially looooove the quilts in camille roskelley's book simplify!  i have already picked out several that i want to make.

sometimes there are just not enough time in a day.  other times i think i would be so exhausted if there really were more hours in a day!  :-)  i will just live with what the lord has given me.  as it is, this week has slipped by.  it is already saturday.  what happened to thursday and friday?  hmmm.

oh, and just a shout out to my youngest son, eli, who won his snowboarding competition this past weekend!  you rock, buddy!  we had a great time watching and taking some pictures.  my, my, i almost forgot that our sweet daughter who got married this past summer made the dean's list last quarter!  *proud momma!  our oldest, tone, arrived home tuesday night from school.  he is home for the semester on medical leave.  it is a blessing to have him home to heal.  he is amazing in so many ways.  i love my kids... way more than those silly magazines.

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