little projects

i have decided that i need some small projects to work on while i am hand quilting.  something that gives me a little more satisfaction... you know, that i completed a task.  i was reading a blog last night (i can't remember which blog it was or i would give you a link) and the blogger was talking about how she makes to-do lists.... so she feels that she accomplished something when she checks them off.  and she said that sometimes she adds extra things she did to the list (which weren't on there to begin with) just so she can check them off... i smiled and thought, 'me, too!'  hey, i did accomplish those tasks and it should be noted somewhere. right? 

i ordered two books yesterday.  oops, three.  when they arrive i will post more about them.  one is about embroidering which is new to me, but i think it is beautiful.  one has small, cute projects.  the other is about quilting by camille roskelley.  i can't wait for them to arrive!  but, i was cheap and didn't want to pay for shipping... the free shipping is 5-7 days... hope i can hang on that long. it will seem like fooooreeeever. 

i am still not sure why when i download my photos into iphoto and/or apeture, they don't show up as a choice for uploading them to the blog.  but, if i upload directly from my camera then it works.  just can't tweek them at all.  anyway, here is how the bliss baby quilt is coming along so far. 

still surfing and looking at blogs to pass along the liebster blog award.  it is giving me a chance to see so many blogs.  it is like meeting a bunch of folks at a gathering and thinking how amazing they all are!  so much talent and creativity.  soon.  i will award some awards soon. 

we again have about 6" of snow.  school wasn't canceled though because it was a teacher work day already.  my son ended up with no exams this past week, so you would think he had an easy laid back week.... no such luck.  he is homeschooled (classes online, actually) part of the day and had gotten behind, soooo he has spent most of every day catching up because he has exams next week in those classes.  bummer.  but tomorrow is the 'big air' competition at the local ski resort, snowtrails.  he is hoping to compete.  maybe i will go take some photos?  might be fun. and cold... it is 10 degrees out right now... and it is 11:30am.  brrrrr.

better go and start planning my small project today though.  (and need to order some wool to try making felt, too!)

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  1. Please don't change...ever! I am living most of what you are talking about and I still love reading your take on things. Keep having fun.