an award? aw, shucks!

this morning i did my usual morning routine which eventually leads to me checking my emails.  as i opened them up and scanned what i had received through the night, i saw a sweet note from my quilting mentor, mary.  fyi: if it weren't for mary, i would not even be quilting. how sad would that be?  since i love it so.  anywho... mary had nominated me for the liebster award!  how exciting!
it is an award given from one small blogger to another.  by small, i don't mean 5'1"... i mean under 300 followers.  ha.  which is me for sure.  mary, who gave me the award, has a fabulous blog: mary flanders.  she is so talented!  please take a minute to check out her blog.  you will be amazed at all she has created!

in return, i get to also give the award to 3 other small blogs!  now i wasn't prepared for this, so i will plan to award a few of my favorites tomorrow.  come back tomorrow and see those i chose.  in the meantime, i will be starting to quilt the cheery baby quilt i finished piecing together.  i will add pictures tomorrow, also.  my pictures are not downloading properly, so i will have to get that little kink worked out. 

and just in case i didn't make it clear:  thank you, thank you, thank you, mary!  it is such an honor for you to pick little 'ole me!  (p.s. i love that stuffed doggy you made!)


  1. Hi Junie,
    you indeed deserve that award! You´re writing a nice blog!! It´s so lovely to read about you, your family and your sewing!!

  2. You are most welcome, Julie! I can't wait to see your quilt!