more baby bliss...

my new baby quilt is coming along.  i needed a little more fabric, so i was waiting anxiously for the mailperson to show up today.  she brought my lovely bliss additional fabric.  i love my mail lady!  last night i trimmed some of the squares with pinking shears and even the scraps looked scrumptious.  (i didn't eat it,  of course) 

i worked today on matching up pieces so that I can start piecing them together tonight.

the snow continued to fall today.  every year we move our christmas tree outside to our deck and let the birds hang out in there.  it has been fun.  we usually have plans to put some bird feeders in there also... hasn't happened yet though. 

and lastly, i received a nook for christmas from my sweetie.  i love it.  i am reading a book entitled the dirty life.  and i just found this story about kristin kimball on npr (check out the link).  hope you find it interesting.  the story is a great read, especially if you every thought of owning a farm.  i am realizing that i might not have the will power to do what she and her husband did. 

have a great night!


  1. I love it Julie! What is the fabric? and are you having raw edges on your squares? soooo cute!

  2. the fabric is bliss by bonnie & camille (moda). there are a few misc. other fabrics thrown in because the match and add a different texture. and, yes, it will have raw edges on both the smaller squares. they are sewn with a zigzag stitch and cut with the pinking shears. i thought that added some other texture as well.

  3. Cool! Sorry I missed you at the shoppe the other day! I would have loved to meet your daughter ;) See you soon!