sweet friend!

today, as i sit in my house surrounded by a half foot of snow, the nice mail lady (i told you that i love her!) came to my door with a package for me.  huh, i don't remember ordering anything off of amazon.  i figured my husband ordered something and forgot to mention it... 

i texted him, but he said that he had not ordered anything recently.  weird.  so, of course, i opened it.  i mean, it did have my name on it and all.  this is what was inside:

the cutest, most interesting book about feltmaking by gillian harris.  who would have sent this to me?  one of my bestest friends ever, cam!  she actually lives in china at the moment.  but we get to see each other about once a year when her schedule and my schedule can intersect.  i am hoping our schedules intersect this summer at the beach!  what better place to intersect, right?

anyway, the book has some great projects with which to learn feltmaking.  here are a few out of the book:

now, i must find some merino wool and a few other tools and try this out.  i think they are just beautiful.  and i think cam is just beautiful as well!  thanks, cam!!  expect a handmade gift when we intersect this summer :-)

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