not what you'd expect

well, we spend time planning our day, week, holiday, etc... and you know what?  it just doesn't always turn out the way we think it will.  sometimes it is better... and sometimes it is not.  profound, huh?  well, the last few weeks were not as i had planned.  the week prior to thanksgiving, we had a small (ok, moderate +) family emergency.  my son had an accident up in new york, and we left town the next day to be with him.  the nurse assured me (when she called me from the trauma center, yup) that he was alright.  they were going to do x-rays, and mri's, and whatever other tests they needed to do.  "he is ok, and he wanted me to call you.  he thought you would 'freak out'.  oh, they did bring him in on a helicopter, too. but he is alright."  just what a momma wants to hear, right?  he is an amazing kid (not that he is really a 'kid' anymore... he is 23 now... but he is MY kid!)  he is in his third year at west point (aka the united states military academy).   we made our way up there the next morning and arrived 9.5 hours later.  he was ok.  he was in pain.  he was on pain meds.  he was my boy.  i love him, what can i say?  10 days later and 2 hospitals (one civilian & one military) we are back home and he is back in his dorm/barracks.  he has an amazing God watching over him.  he has a broken shoulder blade.  we have been told many times over the past week and a half... the shoulder blade is one of the hardest bones in the body to break.  it will heal on its own while all the muscles around it hold it in place.  just have to put up with the pain for a little while.  he has some nerve damage to his brachial plexus.  it is affecting his finger movement.  he has a lot of physical therapy to do.  and he has to be patient.  we are praying for a total recovery.  this may not come for months.  but, we know already how blessed he has been.  we are greeting the future with a smile and open arms.  bring it on.

Me and my boy, Tone, in September while he waited to go skydiving... he is an adventurous soul.  


  1. Julie so sorry! But glad he is on the mend...what a scary time for your family. Lots of prayers to all of you.

  2. With a God like ours and a Mom like you, there really is nothing he can't overcome. Thanks for loving him.