my 'new' ride

every since i can remember i have loved old trucks.  pick-up trucks.  i can't remember how many times i have seen an old truck and thought how awesome it was.  well....  just last week, my husband saw an old truck along his route to work and stopped to check it out.  it is a 1964 Ford F-100 white pickup truck.  sure there is a little rust.  there are a few things that need to be fixed up.  but, seriously, what after 46 years of use doesn't need a little work.  did i mention that my husband was also built, i mean born in 1964?  that is neither here or there.  what is amazing, is that phil, the love of my life, the man of my dreams, let me buy that ole truck!!  so now, here is my new ride.

i got to drive it around today.  went to the store and got some groceries.  it is just fun.  what can i say, weird, i know.

it has a lot of knobs... but not alot of bells and whistles...

now, if you are thinking that is the air conditioner knob... think again.  it just opens a vent on the dashboard and lets air flow through when the truck is in motion.

remember when we only had am radio?  come on, i know some of you do.  my favorite station as a kid was WROV in roanoke, virginia.

little look inside.  time to take my husband out to eat for being such a great guy.  he deserves it even without the new old truck.

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  1. Way too cool! I love the red steering wheel and interior!