on the go early

friday. the beginning of the weekend.  yay!  but first, i had to get up before the sun, send my son off to school, and hit the road to an early morning appointment for a mammogram.  i hadn't been to this location before.  they treat you right... nice robe, choices of hot tea, comfy furniture, and relaxing music... it was like when someone tries to sweet talk ya before they drop the real news.  it's not so bad.  i survived and would encourage all women to have a mammogram done routinely.  and try to find a lovely place like i did.  you might as well enjoy yourself, right?

progress was made on the quilt...

i did take a break in the middle of the day to help my son a little bit.  he wanted to make cupcakes for his girlfriend for her birthday.  so, he found a recipe online and then made them from scratch.  no box mixes here!

he filled the mini cupcake tins with 2/3 of batter, then colored the rest pink and piped it into the center of the plain batter.  they turned out great!  not bad for a 16-year old guy, huh?

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  1. Wow! Were you tired at the end of the day? Any one of those activities would have meant a nice long nap after (in my world)...especially the mammogram!
    The quilt is looking great!