good busyness

the last week has been a busy one.  a good busyness.  so much was going on around here.  this year i was the banquet chairperson for an amazing ministry called Young Life.  it is an international ministry that reaches out to high school kids right where they are.  they don't have to come looking for Jesus, he is right there in the leaders who show up to help kids, encourage them, cheer them on, be their friends.  i could go on and on, but check out the website to find out more. we have an annual fundraising banquet to cover the cost of the ministry in our area for the new year.  ours was monday.  about 100 folks attended, and we raised a good portion of the budget.

the theme was 'all hands on deck' so we decorated with nautical stuff (thanks to some good friends who came up with the table and banquet decor! great job cathy & andrea!)

and in the middle of preparing for the banquet... we had to do a little work on my 'new' ride.  so, with my husband teaching me, we removed the by-pass tubing which carries the antifreeze to cool the engine (at least that is what I think).  in the process, i was able to get the best picture yet of my truck...

what can i say?  there is just nothing i dislike about that picture.  but... maybe i should move on to what else i have been working on...

quiltin' on the baby quilt.  this has taken a back burner while prepping for the banquet. but... now i am back on track.  i hope.  i think.

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