biscuit quest

i have had the desire to make some fluffy delicious biscuits.  if you grow up in the south (virginia for me) then you grow up eating biscuits.  that's just the way it is.  and ya love them, too.  smothered in sausage gravy, mmmmm.  anyway...  i have made biscuits, but they are just never like i want.  they are good, but not nearly as light and fluffy as they need to be.  so, i am going on a biscuit quest.  well, a biscuit recipe quest, really, to find the perfect biscuit.  today i made biscuits from a recipe i found in better homes & garden magazine.  here are the ingredients:

They turned out better than my previous ones.  these were tasty, but still not as light as i would like.  here is the recipe if you would like to give it a try.  i worked hard to not overwork the dough.  this might be a skill i need to work on as well.  they were nice and golden brown.  i think i will toast some for breakfast tomorrow.  with butter and honey.  is it morning yet??

yesterday i put all my pieces together for the baby quilt.  my daughter helped me while she was home.  thank goodness, because it was a little confusing.  there are so many colors and patterns going on.  but i love they way it is looking.

today i have started sewing all the blocks together.  it is really coming together nicely!  i will be quilting in no time.   and (this has nothing to do with quilting) they are calling for snow flakes tomorrow!  yikes! better get my son some sweatshirts since he has out grown last years.  i think he is going to be kinda chilly going to school.

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