new book & beautiful fabric collection...

i am always looking out for new books with cute patterns and/or ideas?  'sew what you love' from tanya whelan is coming out in december, and i can't wait...  so many lovely items to sew.  wish it were sooner for some christmas gifts... but no worries, there are always other birthdays and holidays next year!  you can pre-order them now from amazon or barnes & noble.
is this lovely?  this is tanya's new collection!  this picture is from her flicker
site, and you can see it and more here
her new fabric collection, sugar hill, is coming out in december as well (pictured above).  definitely visit her blog for a chance to win both some fabric and her new book at grand revival designs.

it just made me feel cozy and comfy just looking at the colors and designs of the fabrics.  i can't wait to make something with them!

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  1. Thanks for the info! I love her fabric....I can't wait to see the book.