the end of a season

my little guy is now a senior in high school.  how did this happen so fast?  i told him to cut it out and stay small a little longer, but he grew anyway.  hey, being a mom is tough business.  and here we are this past weekend at his two last matches of his high school career.  (and the two nastiest days in ohio).  he is a wonderful young man.  and we have really loved going out to all his matches watching him play.  here are some of the final moments of his golfing career on a high school team (but not the end of his golfing career, i hope!)...

he's a ham. period. 

does he look cold?  nice shot anyway...
hole #18, par 5, second shot...
and his third shot... almost an eagle to finish the season!! an awesome birdie.
 i am going to miss walking around the golf courses, watching one of my favorite guys hitting amazing shots (and some not so amazing).  we have been through this with our other two great kids (in wrestling, tennis, and lacrosse)... so, this is just the beginning of the 'lasts' for the year.  and the beginning of his life as a young adult.  i am proud of him already.


  1. Darn those kids...they have a way of tugging at your heart!!! The lasts of the last are so difficult:( Plus you know now you have more college debt to look forward to....yeehaw!!! It will be a big year for your family!

  2. Great photos! My oldest has only 5 weeks of high school left - you are so right, it goes too fast.