what is the internet?

do you remember life before internet?  some of us actually do...  as well as... no cell phones, no computers, no email, no remote control (seriously), no 800 tv channels (when i was a kid we had: abc, nbc, cbs, and pbs. that's it.).  okay, i should stop there before i embarrass myself even more. why do i bring this up?  because yesterday while checking out pinterest i saw the following youtube video from the today show.  it is so funny to look at now.  back then we were probably thinking, "yeah, what is that internet thingy?" enjoy...

i am now off to listen to pandora on my wireless internet while i work on the binding on the baby quilt i have been working on.  hope to finish today, then pictures tomorrow.


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  1. hahaha! We have the very first cell phone we owned and every once in a while we bring it out for a good laugh. The thing is about the size of a large wallet and weighed at least a pound. I thought we were on the cutting edge with our {Get Smart} cell phone!!! Thanks for the chuckle Julie!