and the week has begun

with my quilt complete, it is time to start a new project!  something with some color.  something fun.  so, I decided it was time for a new floorcloth.  they could also be called 'art for your floor.' they really do brighten up a room.  I have made quite a few in my past, contemplated selling them, but time has always been an issue... however, for now, I promised a friend I would make one for her a year ago (maybe longer).  I started it in the spring... then my daughter's wedding took precedence (I will definitely write about that another day).  now, I am getting excited about this new floorcloth!

I found a cute card which is my inspiration for this floorcloth.  now I just have to take that inspiration and turn it into something that will look great on her kitchen floor.  a variety of greens, red, buttercream, and yellow will by my colors of choice.

my kitchen bowl is the perfect size circle... and a mug makes another ring in the middle.  nothing like multi-tasking dishes!  I have a floorcloth that I made last year, which I thought I might try selling... but I loved it too much, sooooo it is now at my front door.

they are made from heavy canvas, painted with gesso, then painted with several coats of acrylic paints which include the designs. then i put about 5 coats of polyurethane to seal the deal.  they are extremely durable as long as they are on a hard even surface.

well, my bowl and colored pencils have been waiting for me since this morning to draw some more circles.  (oh, i have picked out a new quilt to make... more about that later!)


  1. Julie! these are amazing! I love the bright colors...do you draw the designs on the canvas with the colored pencils? How cool!

  2. I use the colored pencils to outline my design, then I paint them with the acrylic paints or paints from the hardware store. I might bring one by Sew to Speak tomorrow. Will you be there?