what day is it?

the days of the week easily through me off when there is a holiday...  today our schools are out, so my son is off playing golf with his teammates.  it is quiet, cool, a little overcast.  a beautiful autumn day.

I have gone to the grocery store, straightened up around the house, run some errands, and come home to make some delicious oatmeal cookies (mmmmmm....).  I've already eaten three...

so, it sure seems like a saturday to me.  but it is only friday!  woo-hoo!  that means that tomorrow, i get to have another saturday!  it's like a bonus day!  I think I will head to a farmer's market to see what goodies I can find.  but, for today, guess I will continue to clean and do laundry.  then tomorrow will only be filled with fun, relaxing stuff to do... maybe I will even head to the bookstore.  I need another good book to read.  don't you think a good book is soooo much better than tv?  well, except for watching all the miners come up to the surface of the earth!

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