Darn Camera

I contemplated what to share today... I baked a new recipe today: pepperoni pizza mini puffs.  cute little pizza bites that you can whip up in just a few minutes.  or maybe the progress I have made on my floorcloth.  or maybe I will show everyone how wonderfully versatile my husband is by sharing some photos of him canning the last of our tomatoes this evening.  but to no avail... my camera is messing with me.  challenging me.  I have learned (a lot of the time just plain guessed) about how to take the best pictures, the settings on my camera, etc.  but last night it started doing something weird.  not wanting to focus on the subject at hand.  not wanting to capture the picture by letting me hear that wonderful little "click" sound.  nope, it wouldn't have any of that.  so, now, tomorrow I will have to sit down and find some tutorials to help me figure out what I did... because, I am sure the camera didn't do anything to make it not function properly.  it's frustrating, but none the less, time to actually learn a little more about my camera (Nikon D40) and stop guessing!  pictures tomorrow. no matter what.  promise.

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