a day of binding (well, two, really)

i worked late last night on the binding for the quilt.  i got half way done before i needed to give my fingers a much needed break.

today i am at it again.  with only about 1/4 left, i am getting close.  woo-hoo!  when i picked the fabrics, i used a cute love bird print for the center of each of the wheels... that was to represent my daughter and her husband since they were getting married, and we were busy planning the wedding... i also made the dresses for the five flower girls and that fabric i am also using for the binding.  ah, the memories.

today it was hard to concentrate though because i wanted to see every miner come out of the mine in Chile!!  how amazing is that?  i think it is like they are returning from the dead, or i think that is how the families probably feel.  i am sitting thousands of miles away crying every time a new man comes out of that capsule.  there is one arriving in about 5 minutes... i better hurry... time for another cry.

miner #22 has made it to the surface.  i love seeing the family members as they anticipate the capsule appearing.  it is lovely.  i love to see everyone so full of national pride.  i love seeing the men give thanks to God who brought them home again and kept them hopeful throughout the ordeal.  there is nothing more attractive than a man who loves the Lord.

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