My Canning Man

first, let me just say, this is what you want to read when you arrive in your kitchen after your daughter has been home to visit:

it as delicious!  scrumptious!  we ate it all and wanted more.  anna, come back and make us more!

now, what I was going to discuss to begin with... canned vegetables.  it just sounds good.  fresh.  organic.  green.

I always have high hopes for having a garden full of bright and delicious vegetables, which my husband & I would then can... then eat throughout   the cold winter months.  a girl can dream.  but this year, with our daughter's wedding, I informed my husband that I just couldn't keep up with the garden.  soooo, he took it on.  planted tomatoes (grape, roma, some other large variety), peppers (bell & hot), cucumbers, squash, green beans, beets, lettuce, and even a couple watermelon plants.  not everything wanted to grace us with yummy goodness though.  some beetles ate up the green beans.  a mean fungus attacked our squash & cucumber plants... and if that wasn't bad enough - a nasty little bug decided to have a feast on the vine of both of those plants and killed them dead.  our lettuce was bitter, and the peppers didn't really impress us much.  BUT, our beets were great!  we had beets galore.  and our tomatoes did well... we even had volunteers (those we didn't plant, but they grew from last year's plants) join the garden.  yellow pear tomatoes.  in july, I helped my sweet husband can some of our beets.

then in August, my husband gathered all the fresh tomatoes and canned them while I was out of town.  and just last week, he took all the tomatoes left and canned those as well.

I really will have some canned veggies to use during those cold, snowy winter nights!

all because i have a canning man.  i love that guy! 


  1. Wow! Where can I get a canning man! I am beginning to think mine would just starve if left alone. And how do you get your daughter to make pumpkin strudel? Mine might be able to manage it, but the kitchen would be a disaster! Oh, Julie, want to enter wife swap? I think I would be getting the better end of the deal.

  2. you are funny! I like to watch that show... but, I am pretty sure I never want to be on it. :-) no offense to your husband... we are probably not opposite enough to be swapped. ha. by the way, thanks for the kind words at the shop yesterday. the only reason I even got a quilt completed is because of your encouragement! I vote you "Teacher of the Year!"