a day at the market

I had a wonderful morning with my husband at the North Market!  it is a great market in downtown Columbus with lots of delicious food and fresh grown vegetables and more.

outside, we took our time seeing what the local farmers had available this week.  there was so much lovely vegetables & lots of apples, too.  flowers.  families.  sunshine.  i loved it!

inside are wonderful businesses that include food 'vendors', shops, a florist, organic meat, fresh fish, and more.  we decided to dine on food from the Taste of Belgium...

oh, my, were those waffles amazing!  they are made with beet root sugar.  see those small white 'chips'?  they are the bits of sugar.

when the waffle is cooking it melts the sugar and creates a carmelized crispiness on the outside of the waffle.

mmmmm... see the carmelized sugar?  it is sooooo yummy!

you can buy them by the the 4-pack and take them home and eat them.  i am asking myself now, "why didn't we buy extra?"  we did buy one that was piled high with fresh strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream.  I plan to have another the next time I go.  but for today, we did stop at the bakery to pick up some fresh-baked bread... and some of those lovely sunflowers!

a great start to my (bonus) Saturday.  i should do this every weekend!  probably wishful thinking.

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  1. This looks so fun! I have lived in the Columbus area my entire life and I have never been to the Market....ridiculous isn't it? My children have been and love it! Will definitely put that on my Fall do-to list. I am sure if I tempt my husband with some of those waffles he will be right in!