mission accomplished

i did it!  i finished my first quilt last night.  it is in the dryer now... fluffing up and smelling good.  last night before we went to bed, my husband told me that it is important that we sleep with it the first night.  i can give it away or keep it, but we must be the ones to sleep warm and comfy with it first.  interesting.  i hadn't ever heard of such a 'tradition.'  he reminded me that this is something he learned when he was at west point.  they have blankets (or at least they used to in the 'old corps') called 'green girls.'  they received this green blanket as one of their first possessions upon entering the academy... i think it was the only blanket they had on their neat and tidy beds.  so, we put the quilt on our bed and enjoyed the warmth on a crisp autumn night in ohio.  now, the decision must be made... keep or gift?  it's a hard one.  maybe we will have to sleep with it one more night before i decide.

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is just amazing, but I would expect nothing less than amazing from you! I absolutely love the hand quilting...it definitely makes this quilt! I may have to do another. I gave mine to my sister before her daughter's wedding. Love it! Come see me at the shoppe sometime!